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Our Solo Nolan portal gives you information about all of the Nolan Sisters. There's Nolans news on these pages too. You will also be able to book online for shows that the Nolans are appearing in. Our sister site The Official Nolans Website works alongside us. We are delighted to be working in conjunction with the new site. The old Nolans website was is desperate need of modernisation. JayRae, who runs the site, is doing a great job, giving the site a 21st Century look at last!
Both sites will always provide news items about all the Nolans. Please be aware that ANY OTHER sites are NOT OFFICIAL - They can lay claim to be fan sites and no more. Please note that there are many social media groups and pages - these too are not in any way official. We have received scores of messages from people who have dicovered pages, groups and so on who claim to be one of the Nolans.  THESE ARE FAKE. Several of the Nolans do have social media pages. Please note, that they are private. If you have sent requests to these and have not been accepted please don't take this personally. The Nolans have a private life as well as you! You are just as well visiting the official pages!
There are official Instgram and Twitter pages that are run for some of the Nolans on their behalf.
You can access each of the Nolans page by clicking on their individual image below. You will find a biography, pictures and all the latest news.  There's also general headlines on this page!

*We are not responsible for the content of other websites. Other sites may not be responsive to your device. They may carry sound and video files that will use your data if you are viewing on a mobile device. Our advise is to make sure you either have sufficient data allowances on your devices or to ensure that you are viewing these websites in a wi fi zone. The use of photographs from this website is expressly forbidden. Any content of this site must not be used or reproduced without express permission from the webmaster.
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