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Anne is the eldest of the Nolan Sisters. Born on 12th November 1950 in Dublin. She has been singing most of her life. She worked with her parents in the Singing Nolans and was the driving force behind the family decision to move to London and work as the Nolan Sisters. She was considered as the 'boss' of the act in it's early days. As one of the Nolan Sisters she enjoyed phenomenal success. She toured Europe with Frank Sinatra and America with Engelbert Humperdinck as well as countless other tours of the UK and overseas with show business giants and as part of the headline act herself with the Nolans. She has also appeared in two Royal Variety Performances. She has several gold, silver and platinum discs to her name. The Nolans success in Japan was incredible. The records that they broke there still stand. Including the biggest selling British girl band. They have sold almost 13 million units there and at one point they had sold more records there than the Beatles. After the success of 'I'm In The Mood For Dancing' and 'Dn't Make Waves'  Anne left the act briefly to have her first child, Amy. Although she initially wanted to retire from show business, she missed being part of the act and returned, almost two years after her departure. Her return brought much success for her including more trips to Japan where the Nolans' success continued to flourish. They signed a six album deal with Panasonic that would see them release more than a dozen CDs including six brand new albums. In the UK the act continued to tour and record as well as appear on many TV shows. Anne had a second daughter, Alex in 1987.  The Nolans have many Summer Season shows to their credit too including headlining at Cleethorpes and being part of the bill for the Grand Theatre Blackpool's centenery show. That perticular show was the longest in their history lasting from early May until November. The show played to packed houses, twice a night and was attended by Her Majesty The Queen. Since then The Nolans line up changed. Anne and Maureen continued after Coleen and then Bernie left to retire and try a solo career respectively. Shortly after the duo were joined by Anne's eldest daughter Amy and friend Julia who completed the line up. As well as their own act they have appeared Worldwide as part of the Reelin' and Rockin' tour with acts such as Gerry & The PAcemakers, Mike D'Abo, Brian Poole and The Searchers. When the Nolans finally disbanded in 2005 Anne had been a professional entertainer for 45 years. As well as her singing achievements she has acted in over Pantomimes playing Snow White, Robin Hood, Cinderella and more recently as the Wicked Queen. She has also appeared in one or two films with both speaking and none speaking roles. She even found time to appear in a one off episode of Channel 4's top rated soap 'Brookside'. Anne shunned the limelight for a while accepting selected work that she found appealing. In particular with big bands. She is an avid fan of swing music and the lure of singing with such a band has drawn her back on stage. Anne released her best selling Autobiography in 2008 and appeared on several radio and TV shows to promote the book and give insight into her revelation that her Father had sexually abused her for many years throughout her childhood. In 2010 she found herself in the recording studio and the following year she released her debut solo album which had a general release in the UK and was sold Internationally too. She has released a total of four singles. the first a cover of the Leo Sayer smash hit "When I Need You" this song saw part of the Royalties being donated to a Save The Children Appeal for Bangladesh. She follwed that with a new song written by Bob Puzey the composer of 'I'm In The Mood For Dancing' the single entitled ' You've Heard The Wrong Story' recieved considerable airplay and heavy promotion. In 2016 she released a Christmas single 'Christmas Time Is Here' and in 2017 she was one half of a duet with Gary Curtis the two singers released the single 'Why'. Anne was no stranger to Gary - the two had worked together on a Christmas single with several celebrities singing a part each, a few years earlier. She also appeared in her first stage musical in the mid 2010s - She topped the bill in the comedy 'What's All The Fuss About' which was a muscial adaptation of the Shakepeare play 'Much Ado About Nothing'. Anne is a Grandmother of Vinny and Nevaeh who are Alex and her husband Steve's children and to Ryder who is Amy's son. It was revealed in 2017 that Anne had successfully screen tested for the top rated UK soap 'Coronation Street' The show could use Anne if a suitable part arises. Anne had her own battle with Cancer in 2000, a battle she subsequently won. The victory gave her impetus to raise awareness about Breast Cancer. Her Mother died from Alzheimer's Disease in 2008. Since then Anne has been a champion of the cause to find a cure. She has supported many charitable endeavours that have included memory walks, sing a longs and has even her own 'In The Mood For Caring' charity ball taking place in Blackpool in October 2017. One other cause that Anne was invited to get involved with was Niemann Pick Disease. This cruel disease is, in effect, Alzheimer's, but it differs in that it affects children. She has helped raise funds for this too. Record companies in Japan and The UK continue to release Nolans albums with a Japanese Greatest Hits being released in 2017 and a much anticipated UK Greatest Hits with remixes of some of their songs set for release also this year. With her diary looking quite busy it is clear that Anne Nolan is not quite ready to retire just yet. 2018 saw the announcement of a brand new musical "Anne's Song" the show, based on her best selling Autobiography will feature 23 brand new songs. The script has been co written by Anne herself. The songs are penned by song writer Terry Bradford who famously wrote a Nolan Sisters song 'Harry My Honolulu Lover'. The show hopes to premier later this year. In the Summer of 2018 Anne headlined in a Summer Pantomime at Bolton. An entirely new concept. The show was featured on TV and had positive reviews. The second part of her autobiography is due to be released in 2019.

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