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I Cannot tell you upset and angry I am, that my Sister has used me to get some publicity for her new book. On Sunday last, we were all at Linda's Birthday party and whilst, yes, we will never be friends again, no argument there. (Believe it or not, Coleen, I feel the same way)  she included ME in a chat she was having with our Brother. I would never be so childish as to ignore her and was actually glad, as it meant I could chat to her lovely daughter, Ciara,who, sadly, I don't know. I had thought that we had put the argument aside, for the sake of family and friends. It will never be the same, but, it was nice to do something together and see the pleasure on others faces.  I have no wish to visit Coleen at her home, or anywhere, especially, after this despicable behaviour!!   I have been in HUGE houses before, Coleen, ha ha, I promise you, and it didn't enrich my life, or make me SO jealous I wanted to destroy the homeowner's career. Utter nonsense!!!  Now, with more lies and inaccuracies, yes, Agony Aunt, you are telling porkies which I have refuted in the past and will not do so, again. I think our loved ones have had enough and the public are bored of our family problems, too much important stuff going on in the world. She has opened up old wounds including some, with others, who will fight their own battles, I am sure. I am sad for my relationship with my nephews, Shane and Jake, who I adore, and Ciara, who will grow up not knowing a pretty great Aunt, ( if I say so myself, ha ha). I hope your book sells millions and gets you out of any financial trouble you might be in, especially for your lovely children.  But, it's sad you felt the need to drag this up again, and, upset EVERYONE. No one wants to hear about it anymore, especially with the loss of Bernie, who I know would be as upset and angry as I am. I could say SO much more, but, I will NEVER again answer any trash I read in the papers, from Coleen and her management.


For anyone who believes whatever they read in the, mostly Low Life, press in this country... DON'T!!!  Adam received a phone call yesterday, asking would I be at my sister's funeral? !!! Can you believe they are still trying to dig dirt up, at this devastating time in our lives.?  As I've said already, we ended our disagreement at least two years ago and I have spent more time with her than almost everyone in the last few months, and yesterday, the whole family were there, united!!  NOT, because of Bernie's efforts to end the row, because we love EACH OTHER and HER!!  I thank the newspapers who gave a lovely and dignified eulogy to her in today's papers. But, to the others...CAN YOU STOOP ANY LOWER!!!! That is why I have no interest in anything I read in the press, apart from the crosswords!!! And also why, I beg you, if you want the truth - Read my website.  Love to you all and thank you so much for the thousands of messages of sympathy we have received. They are a comfort and so appreciated.

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