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Denise first toured with 'The Magic Of Judy Garland' in 1991. She has often used the torch singer's anthems in her own live show. The process of arriving with this product came at great expense and a lot of time. First Denise got hold of the original score from Garland's much celebrated Carnegie Hall show from April 1961. She had the entire score transposed into her own keys and set about having the parts made for keyboards, drums and all the other instruments in her twelve piece band. The show toured extensively in 1991 to celebrate thirty years since the original concert. She took the show out for a second time the following year.  One two further occasions the show toured the UK before Denise took time away from the show to take part in the West End and UK National Tour of the musical 'Blood Brothers' In 2006 the Derek Grant Organisation asked Denise to take the show out once more. Sadly the company approached the show in a different way to how Denise wanted it  to be. More to the point, the company was not forthcoming with promotion. In many cases she was approached after shows by press who told her that no one had approached them for an interview. Denise was downhearted with the experience. Although one highlight saw her take the show to her home town of Blackpool where the audience turned out in large numbers to support her. After 2010 Denise decided to semi retire. If she was offfered work she would take it, provided it was something that appealed to her. On several occasions she was invited to perform the 'Magic Of Judy Garland' in one off performances. Most notable of which was the 2018 performance in London's Soho. The venue were delighted with the show and when Denise has attended to see other acts since, the management tell her that no one has sold as many seats as Denise nor had the same response to a show as the audience gave Denise. In recent months Denise began to tell people that she missed touring with the show. In particular a good friend, Lee Waddingham, who was the producer of many of Denise's Pantomimes. Lee had recently taken up a new position with a major theatre company. Lee was a big fan of Denise's and the two of them got their heads together both thinking that the country should be given the chance to see the show again. The soon to be released film 'Judy' has built up considerable interest in the legendary vocalist and both Lee and Denise believe there is great potential for gaining new fans for both Garland and Denise Nolan herself. On thing we are sure of. Denise Nolan with her dazzling vocals and sheer artistry will leave audiences wanting more. As one fan who wrote to this website said after seeing her in Bridlington "I have been a Judy Garland fan since I was five years old - my Mum got me into her. Sadly, I have never seen any of the Nolans live before. However,  I've seen quite a few people do Judy's music in concert. I have to say that no one comes anywhere close in capturing the essence of her music. Your show is called the Magic of Judy Garland - I think you should think about calling it the Magic of Denise Nolan."
Denise has used comedy acts as support for the show in previous years. Nowadays she prefers to do the show in two halves on her own - It has proved to be a good move.

We hope you got the chance to see the show - it really was an exceptional and a magical night of theatre.


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