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We provide links to other site that might be of interest to you. They are mainly for sites relevent to the Nolans or to the charities that Denise supports. We are happy to include a link to your site should you feel that it fits into the kind of thing that Denise would like to support. We cannot be held responsible  for the content of any external websites. Nor does Denise or this website necessarily agree with any views or opinions that they may have.
The Nolans are all aware of sites that have been started by fans. Please be aware that they are not official websites and that their contents are sometimes innacurate and often details given are wrong. We have been made aware of online bullying by some of the younger Nolans fans. There is very little we can do about this. However, a Facebook group THE OFFICIAL NOLANS ORIGINAL FAN CLUB MEMBERS Facebook group has been set up by this site's webmaster. This is a safe place where you can discuss all things Nolan and share your photographs. There are masses of exclusive videos on there of long forgotten TV appearances from the early days and full length concerts. The group is closed, except of course people who were members of the fan club from the 1980s onwards. By clicking the link above you will be taken to the group where you can apply to join. There is no fee for membership. We are able to give last minute information about TV appearances and any other interesting stuff that is happening. From time to time the Nolans have been known to pop up there and say 'Hello'

The production company responsible for Denise's UK tour of 'The Music Of Judy Garland'

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