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Denise is proud to be a patron of two charities. She is an active supporter of several more.

  • Neimann Pick's disease is an incurable condition that affects children. The illness is similar to Alzheimer's Disease which makes it all the more terrible for families who watch their own children go through a heart breaking delcine. Denise says; 'I cannot tell you how awful this condition is. I met a family who's son was only seven at the time and had already didn't know who his parents were. The boy was such a beautiful lad and he died soon after. What world do we live in that sees that happen? The Neimann Pick charity is very small. They have very little funding. Fortunately it is a rare condition, but the funding they raise is vital. They really do need every penny they can make.'
  • Alzheimer's Disease. This condition directly affected Denise. Her mother died from it in 2008. More recently her partner, Tom, lost his sister to the condition. On both occasions Denise and her family watched as two vibrant, healthy women slip into a helpless world of confusion. Denise was asked to be a patron of the charity in 2009. The charity has so many fund raising activities, from memory walks to large scale events. If you can get involved it would be incredible.
  • Cancer has been ever present in the Nolan family for years. Bernie lost her fight with cancer in 2013. Anne fought and won cancer twice having gruelling treatments that lasted for months. Her first battle was iin 2000 and cancer struck again in 2019. Every week she has to watch for signs of breast cancer and is under the care of the oncology team who scan her breasts at regular intervals. Linda had successfully beaten her breast cancer and for years lived a cancer free life. The disease came back as secondary breast cancer that appeared iin her hip. It was only discovered after Linda had a fall at home. Since then, she has undergone treatment before doctors discovered that the disease had spread to her liver. Her cancer was diagnosed as terminal. Doctors said that they could treat, but not cure her cancer. Since then she has undergone many chemotherapy sessions and is still on chemotherapy treatment in tablet form. This, along with all the scans, tests and medicines she takes is all the more testing. The Nolan family all give time, money and their voice to beating cancer.  One charity helps newly diagnosed breast cancer patients by giving them a bag that is packed with handy items. The bag has toiletries, fragrance, a head scarf and blanket as well as other treats. The bag us described as 'A Hug In A bag' Women often feel lonely and down and the bag has a proven track record of cheering women up at their worst time. This charity is local for Denise and she is happy to offer her support.

We know that these days that money is tight. We all have to make choices for which charities we can give to. If you can visit any of the sites then you are helping with awareness, and that is fantiastic. If that awareness urges you to join in and help with  fund raising, then that is even more amazing. If you are in a position to help any of these charities then you are just incredible. The links provided below will take you directly to the charities own official website. Denise would like to say in advance

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