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15th DECDMBER 2018
I have not had the chance to chat to you all for so long and that is all my own fault! As a sort of excuse, I have been so busy. Linda is still staying at my house and is doing well. She is having her scans regularly and her next results come in January, so we can be sure we can have a relaxed Christmas. Maureen went up to Panto the other week and we will miss her while she is away. I am planning a pre christmas party at my house so that we can all get together for the day. It is the only chance we will get to see Maureen other than on Christmas Day itself. Twenty one of us went to see the Christmas show at the Opera House in Blackpool the other night. This year it was "The Wizard Of Oz" I have to say that the company that put the show on this year, Selladoor, have really pushed the boat out. The show was a lavish production with beautiful sets and spectacular lighting. We had the best time watching the performers who all worked so hard. Lee Waddingham who I have worked for in Panto for many years came up with tickets for the press night - I took part in a Vox Pop so that might pop up somewhere soon!
I have done most of my shopping - thank God! This year for the meal we are doing different things. Linda, Maureen our Aunty and I will be with my chap at a local restaurant and Anne will be with her kids and Grandkids  at their house and Coleen is in Manchester. We all will be getting together after dinner to open all our gifts.
What do you think of the new website? It's fantastic isn't it! I am so proud of it. Adam uses so much technology it makes me go dizzy just watching. Hopefull you will like it. I have to say that it really does stand up to websites of the big stars that I have seen.
Anyway. I hope that your Christmas is magical and peaceful. We have had a bit of a rubbish time with Linda's diagnosis and Coleen's rough ride with the Kim Woodburn thing. So we are optimistic for a great 2019. I hope that your new year will be exciting and bring you much of what you want to happen.
Raise a glass to us, and I will do with the same to you. Make mine a Dry Martini and tonic! Cheers everyone and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

3rd September 2018

Though not technically a blog item. Denise has this to say.

Okay. This is long!!

I sometimes, as you know use my website to vent!!
I’m venting now!!!
I have often been asked why I’m not on Facebook or twitter, I feel more than justified now!! I cannot believe that there are people out there who actually passed comment on ‘The Loose  Women debacle  this week, IN SYMPATHY WITH Kim Woodburn!!!!
It’s no secret Coleen and I have had bad feelings in the past, we love each other as siblings -  hopefully we have moved on from that, but to call her a bully is laughable.
She is the opposite of that and hates confrontation, and indeed BULLIES TOTALLY!!
I go in All Guns Blazing!!! Thankfully, for all,  I wasn’t there!!!
While Ms Woodburn, knowing she was going on the show to hopefully make peace with Coleen, turned on the waterworks within five minutes after she appeared, for all the world to see, whilst Coleen remained calm but went home that day after the show and signed off from the next one which she was supposed to be on, because she was so upset!! She cried all day, PRIVATELY!!! Far from being shouted down, Ms Woodburn never let anyone get a word in, that’s why Coleen made a remark about what she and the other celebrities had put up with in CBB!! Where are Coleen’s friends from that show?! SPEAK UP!!! But, I couldn’t help reading some of the adverse comments from Twitter etc. I know not everyone is a Nolan fan, of course, and we are all SO grateful for the ones we have, but this goes beyond disliking our music or thinking we are untalented. That’s an opinion, as valid as anyone’s. Most people will never know us personally, so their comments about Linda on CBB with Jim Davidson etc were totally uncalled for and as you have not met either, speak to someone unbiased who has, before passing comment!! For the record I worked several times with the ‘Sainted Jim’ all I will say is, it was a very unpleasant experience!!! He should have won an Oscar for his performance on CBB, and must be grateful for the way he was filmed. Friends in high places methinks!!! I feel sorry for genuinely well informed intelligent people on social media, But,  I also feel sad for people who actually watched ‘Loose Women’ (or did they?) and actually  felt Kim Woodburn was Bullied??!!! Are they really that gullible??!!
There was only one person doing the bullying  and that was the Lady in question!!! If she has emotional or mental problems she should not have been invited on there, (Coleen, knowing Kim, pleaded with the producers to NOT have her on the show, to no avail). If she did it for the money, and it was all planned, then, that’s up to her and her conscience!! In my opinion, if that is the case she behaved abominably and I would have said so, no matter who it was. I wish I had a pound for everyone I know in showbiz or otherwise who has had a tough childhood.They got help when they could, and worked it out without bringing it up every time they could!! (to gain public sympathy.)  Or indeed tried to help others who were going through the same thing, THIS WAS NOT the way!!! She openly bullied the lovely Linda Robson and practically assaulted her removing her arm so forcefully!! I watched the very warm and nice Aggie on a reality TV show recently. (Again I don’t know her, it’s just the way she came across, in my opinion, totally different to Kim). I had read the cleaning show they did together finished  because Aggie and Kim  just didn’t get on??
After seeing both of them, I have to say, I know who I’d believe was the difficult one!!. Aggie and the whole team in that show finished up as good friends.The same cannot be said for Kim in CBB. Very few liked her, or was I again watching a different show and they were ALL bullies? I think not. Speaking of talent, which she and her supporters keep bringing up. Is cleaning a talent? I know someone who did a play with her recently and she was sacked as she was so bad!! I know, that’s cruel, and I wouldn’t mention it, as, unlike the twitter trolls, I do have a life, but she hurt two people who are very dear to me, badly and unfairly, so I feel justified!!! Unfortunately, she achieved what she wanted and has myself and everyone talking, so well done for that, Ms Woodburn, there are nicer ways!!!

14th July 2016

So I came down yesterday to our London flat by train from Preston.
Okay it's not the most glamorous station and I usually travel via Manchester Piccadilly but with two full sized cases and by myself, I figured, taxi to Preston and straight through to Euston Station in London. Perfect.
The train was delayed by a half hour and when it arrived, it was jam packed!!
I shared a table with two young men and one gentleman around my age, but that day turned out to be a really good one and renewed my faith in human kindness and honesty.
The man I sat next to, carried both cases on and off the train for me and found spaces  for them as well when there was very little room and proved to be an amiable companion on the journey, as were the other two men.
I then alighted from the train where Tom and I were reunited after a two week hiatus from each other,( too long!!!)
We chatted excitedly walking up the ramp and the cases fell off the trolley. Again, another young man very kindly put them back on the trolley for us after which we then decided we needed to inspect the plumbing? (Visit the loos). Luckily (as it turned out) I decided to visit Boots chemist and on  searching for my wallet discovered it was missing, with credit cards, railcard plus a sizeable amount of cash in it!!
On returning to the platform the guard told me he'd  handed it in to Lost Property where  I retrieved it totally intact.
It's times like these, I realise that gentlemen really do Still exist and a happy reunion with Tom turned into SO much more!!!
Hope your day turned out as well!!!
Greetings to lovely nephew Shane Jnr whose gorgeous baby daughter Amelia Rose gets christened on the 24th July. Sod's law I can't go, due to a prior commitment, but I SO hope it's a very special day for him, baby and Baby's Mummy.  (I haven't Amelia yet, and as Shane is not with her Mummy, I'm not likely to meet her either, anytime soon).  But I wish them all a perfect day and hope Shane  can remain friends with Amelia's Mummy always, for their precious baby's sake.
Also very happy birthday to sis in law Annie on the 19th July and brother Tommy on the 20th  and niece Charlotte around the same time.
Happy birthday to anyone celebrating in July, including Marianne Corlett on the 26th and
Tom's sis Anne on the 27th.

1st July 2016

Hi, everyone.
So, are you enjoying our marvellous summer?
I have my wellies and bikini on standby every day.
(I will move forward very quickly from visions of myself in a bikini.)
It has been a good and bad few weeks.
Tragic news for some lovely close family who had to go through one of the worst tragedies, the loss of newborn, much wanted, much loved baby girls. They were born too soon.
Our hearts go out to them and hope their close family, will in time help them to live with this devastating loss.
We all send our love and hope they know they are always in our thoughts.
Plus the third anniversary of the incalculable loss of our Bernie, 4th July.
Still doesn't seem real!!!  
Thank you once again for your amazing support and loyalty, your good wishes were so comforting and brought back images of those wonderful people standing for hours in the intense  heat on that black day in 2013. I will never forget the love you showed for Bernie. It's what set the waterworks off for me and they flowed constantly all day.
On the plus side, a very happy Independence Day to our loved ones in the USA. Tom JNR, Becky, Cassidy, Victoria, Michael,Val and all other friends there.
I was determined to have a day at the Pleasure Beach with family and friends this week, it is more important than ever to have good times with loved ones, while I can. I love my Blackpool, and always try to take advantage of some of our great entertainment venues. The famous Pleasure Beach being a big part.
So, after spending the week monitoring the weather, (it's a miserable day out in the rain) I took a gamble and booked Sunday the 3rd for 17 of us, including three babies, several littlies and a lot of adult tots.
We had a Marvellous day. I don't know why I get myself a pass as I went on two toddler rides and two adult rides, I would rather watch!! If I have one complaint, I cannot believe, non riders like my Aunt in her mobility scooter and two tiny babies still have to pay £6 to just accompany us???
Linda, Adam, Another friend, Lee, sis in law Annie and her brood went on all the daredevil rides, I was very impressed.
Adam persuaded me to go on The Steeplechase, he then spent the whole ride in hysterics at my efforts. I was jerked every which way but loose, and could hardly walk when I got off, (why my best friend would find that amusing, I'll never know!!!?)
We finished the day on a ride in which we got literally saturated.
But the weather was amazing, I spent it with those I love most and we laughed ourselves hoarse, what better way to spend a day, eh?
The evening was spent at my Sunday must do, Bingo, with Mo, Anne and Linda, with our Pleasure Beach wrist bands still on, looking like we were on day release from prison,  and no, we didn't win.
So wrapped up, too, with Tennis and Footie these past few weeks, won't know what to do afterwards!!
Come on Wales, whatever happens now, SO proud of them, and indeed, my country, Ireland, who did SO well, too. No comments about my partner Tom's team, England, (and my second team,) disappointing  is an understatement!!  Gutted for the fans!!
Change of subject.
I Must say I was very angry and surprised when Adam told me that Fleetwood were advertising a Rat Pack show there in December and that I was the special guest??!!!
I have literally been talking to the Rat Pack  team and NOTHING has been finalised. I may not do it, at all!!!!
If I do, may I once again also state for the umpteenth time,  I Do NOT do an impersonation of the great Judy Garland, I perform her songs, with similar arrangements to hers, in My OWN STYLE!!!! I do this because, in my opinion,  You cannot sing a song properly and with true personal emotion with someone else's heart!!  (I love Adam Lambert, for this reason as he sings Freddie Mercury's music SO magnificently in his own style, nothing to do with the fact he is gorgeous, too, ha ha).
Also  It will not be with an orchestra, but a 5 piece and I will be doing three songs in each half, this is, after all, The Rat Pack  show. I hope very soon to bring my full Garland tribute, with my 8 piece band, to the North.
I like to think there are similarities in my approach to Judy's style of singing but nothing deliberate and the only similarity in our looks is hair colour and being plagued with weight problems all our lives!!
There, now you know, ha ha.
Also can I also state, my birthday is the 6th of April, and not the 9th!!! I receive lots of lovely cards from people AFTER  my birthday. I believe the wrong date  was in the original Nolan biography. Story of my life!!!!
Right now I'm having a lazy day, getting ready to support the great Andy Murray. Come on, Andy!!!!
And how was your week?
30th May 2016

Hi.  had to speak to the only outlet that will let me rant without answering back, but I'm SO incensed!!
I don't like Simon Trowell,  never have, I think musically he hasn't a clue, he is just fortunate to sometimes come across a gem that even a deaf mute could appreciate has talent and knows how to exploit them and make money!!!
So, I decided to curtail BGT till the final as I know it will at least,  produce a pretty decent variety show which is a rarity these days and it did!!  The tribute by Ashley Banjo was great as were most of the acts and although I am not a great magic fan, I appreciate the talent,  especially, of close up magic and the young soldier Richard Jones, was very clever!!! Whilst,  the tribute too, to the old man was very moving!!
I was bored one evening and had already tuned  in to one of the semi-finals and had to lie down afterwards when they put  a very ordinary 'karaoke singer'  (Mr Trowell's own expression)  through to the final??
But when that Karaoke singer came second overall I realised its not a talent show anymore.
The public mostly go for people they like and Trowell  and co haven't a clue!!!! Yes, I rate Alesha  As a singer, and I think Amanda has talent, but maybe not in this genre of singing.
This IS my area of expertise as I am a Sinatra era fanatic and worked with the great man. I also worked with the fabulous Matt Monro who was highly complimentary of my work in singing the great American songbook. I say this, not to blow my own trumpet,  but to hopefully, let you know my qualifications in this field of entertainment.
The young man Wayne Woodward who seemed perfectly affable was, a very poor singer, who's only recommendation was, (another Trowell expression)  his 'likeability'  Maybe we should rename it  BGL - Britain's Got likeability.
Trowell says Sinatra was his favourite, Frank would use John McEnroe's famous lines, if he were alive  - 'You cannot be serious'!!!!!!
Sure the public voted for Wayne but the judges who are supposed to know their onions, stood up and heaped praise on him and the public trust  that  Simon and co know what they are talking about -They don't!!
There were two things I always hated Trowell saying,  'Karaoke Singer' and 'Cruise Ship entertainer'. The latter is a lot more than just being a reasonable singer.  On a ship you have to have both, a good voice and immense likeability. It's a very hard career and not to be dismissed as he does whenever he doesn't know how to describe a vocalist, and so many great singers these days started out in pubs on karaoke, mainly because live bands are few and far between.
For me, ALL the other vocalists on the show were better than that young man.
The young girl Beau Dermott is, possibly the best singer I have EVER heard on BGT. I actually thought, I wonder who'll be second!!!  Not only were her vocals superb, but the emotion she portrayed was amazing. I feel sure we will here from her again. Probably Simon already has her under contract, it would not surprise me. Also the other young lady Jasmine Elcock  had a beautiful voice and, sorry, 'Likeability'
The Mother and son Mel and Jaime were also very good singers. The ballet dancers were enchanting. In fact for me, Wayne  was the weakest act in the final!!
There, I've had me rant!!! I feel better for it, ha ha.
Off to Torquay on Sunday week to see my sis in 'Footloose' - Love it there, my niece Amy was born in that area, Anne's ex, Brian Wilson, played football for Torquay United, so we spent a lot of time there and it's gonna be lovely to visit it, again.Tom is driving again, so we'll have a ball.
I'd like to wish Maureen Happy Birthday for the 14th June, also brother Brian on the 19th and Niece, Ciara, on the same day. Also Happy Fathers Day to my lovely chap, Tom, and also his son, Tom Jr. in California,
Also to Adam, Carl and Lee, have a great holiday in Greece.
And how was your week?
Denise xxxx

4th May 2016
What is happening!!! David Gest, Victoria Wood and now Prince. All gone too soon!
Prince, especially, he was 57!!
Having seen our beloved Bernie pass away far too young, (my little sister)  it seems worse somehow, in these days that  people are living a lot longer, to hear of the deaths of immensely talented people who are still in their early 50's or 60's. Of course, if it's someone you love personally, it doesn't matter how old they are, you want them to live forever. It makes me fully aware how fragile life can be, my chap, Tom, has had a hip replacement two weeks ago, and although, (despite the fact that its a major operation,) I know, these days it's very successful, all sorts of thoughts still ran through my head, the day before. Happily, he's doing well, although in some discomfort at times. But far less pain then what he has endured  for two years, before the op.  Hopefully, this pain is temporary. I think the boredom will affect us more. There is only so much TV you can watch!!  There has been a lot of football on, so that pleased Tom. I do like football but I'm now even bored with that!! Tom had the op in London so the worst problem for me is missing the little ones in Blackpool. I know I'll notice a big change in them when I see them in May. But, in the end, it'll be so worth it, to see Tom able to walk and even run, PAINFREE!! I see Jane McDonald is to tour with 'Sunset Boulevard'. I wish her lots of luck, with MY ROLE!! Ha ha.
I have loved Webber's Norma Desmond since I sang 'With one look' in a Scarborough summer season. It's on my website and I still have a look now and then. So, with a hint of envy, I wish Ms McDonald well. Andrew, if you are looking in, I'll step in, when Jane needs a break, ha ha.

And how was your week? Xx

17th MARCH 2016

Well, we did it and was a great success!! The Pizza Express, Dean Street, Soho, London, on Monday the 14th March was the place to be!!! (Ha ha)
Full House and two standing ovations. One, when my sis, Anne got up and joined me onstage in a Streisand/Garland duet, then at the end.
It was, as has already been stated, my tribute, (not an impersonation)  to the legendary Judy Garland, with my 7 piece band
(Including, him indoors) on drums.
With arrangements originally taken from the great lady's 1961 concert at Carnegie Hall, by Manchester pianist  and Musical Director Brian Pendleton, (for you older lot, a good friend who led The Syd Lawrence Orchestra when the famous bandleader passed away) and with the fantastic Dave Bintley as my Musical Director on the night,  it is the most fun and terror, (at the same time,)  I've ever had!!!
For you younger lot, perhaps you can remember Dorothy from 'The Wizard Of Oz,' played by a 17 year old Judy?
Tom and I, to use a Northern expression were brickin it. We haven't done the show for some time, about three years.
For me, it's remembering Judy's story, with dates etc.
For Tom on drums, it's having SO many friends in, who thought he ran a security firm!!!  He's a very talented drummer, too!!!
Also, to go from not singing for thirteen months to doing a two hour show with some really passionate big songs is no easy feat, I can tell you, but it worked!!!
Judy was not known for her laid back stage performances!!
So, it is SO rewarding to get the sort of feedback we got from an audience especially after reading in a tabloid :-
'Denise practically gave up singing in 1976, saying, "This Showbiz life is not for me"!!!!????
Utter nonsense perpetrated by I know not who or, indeed, why?  I don't care, this has helped me put comments like those to rest!!!
If you were there, thank you SO much for your support, if not?
WHY NOT?  Ha ha, just joshing ya, you'd have needed to get a second mortgage to buy a drink!!
Why is London SO bloody expensive!!!
I can have a great night out in good old Blackpool  for quarter the price and quarter the distance!!!
Thank you SO much for the flowers and good wishes from family and friends and special thanks to Anne, Adam, Carl and Lee for making the long journey from Blackpool to Central London just for the night. Anne deserves another BIG thank you for proving we oldies have still got it, she knocked em dead!!
Tom and I are now cheerfully basking in the praise and compliments we have constantly  been receiving for the show.
Happy times.
And how was your day?
17th FEBRUARY 2016

Hi, everyone.
Can't believe it's nearly March!!
Hope some of you, the London Branch anyway, can make my concert on the 14th March. (read about it on the website). SO looking forward to it, but bricking it, too, as I consciously decided to have a break since last Panto and wonder if I still have a voice!!
I must say its SO nice to reach a stage in your life where you can pick and choose what you WANT to do. The JUDY GARLAND tribute is a personal favourite of mine.
While I hasten to add, it's NOT an impersonation, it is such a treat to get to perform these great songs of the legendary lady, with my wonderful Rainbow Orchestra.  Whether you are a fan of Judy's or not, if you liked that era of music, you'll have to admit, she was associated with some great songs and such an assortment!!!  From the torch Ballads like 'The Man That Got Away,' to the slightly sarcastic version of 'When You're Smilin'  to the great jazz number. 'Zing Went The Strings' and of course voted the worlds favourite ballad, 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow'!  Etc etc. That is why I have to sing them as myself, because it's far more fun to sing with my passion and emotion, instead of Judy's.  I hope I do her justice!!
My man, Tom, of course will be on drums. This will be just before he goes in for a replacement hip operation!  Bless him. Couldn't do the show without him.
We have had many great plaudits for the show, if you can make it, I hope you'll agree.
Finally, I'd  just like to wish Big SIs Anne, her Daughter Alex and Son In Law Steve, plus gorgeous Grandchildren, Vinny, Nevaeh, and Danny a fantastic trip to Florida on 20th March.
Also Little sister Linda,  Happy Birthday for 23rd  Feb, Nephew Steve for 28th Feb, Niece Amy for March 7th, Granddaughter Cassidy for March 8th , my man Tom, March 11th  ( he shares his special day  with Shane and Jake's Dad, Shane Richie)  and  cute little terror  Ryder, happy 4th birthday on April 5th. (Where has the time gone?)
Many happy returns to anyone out there with Birthday's coming up
Loads of love. Xxx

21st May 2015

I find it sad that nationally the courts decided there was insufficient reason to take Linda's recent benefit enquiries any further. Yet, her beloved home where she has spent her life decided to take her to court!!
Once again, I have to ask, is it because she's a Nolan?  
That would be sad.
In the last few years, Linda has been through Hell on Earth, the death of her beloved soulmate, Brian, making her a widow in her 40's  our beloved Mother in the same year, and a few years later, the untimely and very painful passing of our very much loved baby sister Bernie, Linda's playmate as children and her closest in age, sibling. Also, she watched her eldest sibling Anne, fight and beat cancer. As she did herself later on, with the help of some brilliant and now firm friends at Victoria Hospital,  and the wonderful McMillan Nurses.  But, only after a Mastectomy and with painful cellulitis for the rest of her life.
This has led her to ringing The Samaritans who have helped her enormously, a pill addiction, self harming and a financial crisis all fought and slowly easing as the years go by,
She still lives in a small rented semi detached home and sometimes despite rumours to the contrary struggles to get by. But, still, in the past few years she has given SO much of herself to helping others. She has raised thousands for cancer research here in Blackpool and like the rest of the family, defends Blackpool to the hilt against its many detractors, praising it's incredible amenities for holidays, and  rightly so, it's lovely people.
Yet,  Blackpool Borough Council decides to go ahead and prosecute her for something which she is innocent of, having been totally misled!!
There are many people who deserve censure in our dearly loved town, Linda isn't one of them, and I for one, will seriously think about packing up and leaving if they go ahead with this case!!! They don't deserve our loyalty anymore, that's for sure!!!
Keep your chin up Linda, even though this is is taking you back down a very bad road to depression again. There are SO many people in your corner, besides family and friends.
We will see you through this disgraceful act by this disgraceful council!!!!
Love you loads!!! Xxx
18th May 2015

I have to apologise to  my niece and Goddaughter  Alex,  Husband Steve,  The boys Vinny  and Danny,  My sister Anne and  Steve's  mum, Jean and her family and Aunty Amy etc etc. Why???
Because  I told you all my new great niece's name, Neveah, is Heaven spelled backwards?   
Not spelled incorrectly it isn't!!!
It should  have said Nevaeh!!!!  Oops.
She is stunningly beautiful, though,  whatever her name!! My sister Anne's first granddaughter after two boys, (Ryder  and Vinny.)    Love them all SO much including, of course,  Sienna and Ava   (Mo's granddaughter's, with another granddaughter  due for her too, in August)   Please tell your daughter in law, Maddie,  to call her new baby Ethel or Ada,  Mo, PLEASE. I  Can't handle any more posh names. I'm OLD!!!  (Kidding about  those names by the way)
Sorry, again...

12th March 2015

Well, it was Him indoors' birthday yesterday, 11th March. We went to Cornwall. Here till Monday 16th March. Amazing time. Went all posh  on the day, Rick  Stein's seafood restaurant. Lobster Thermidor to die for. Not quite Burger King prices but worth it for my beloved's birthday.
This really is God's  own country. Spectacular. Despite the rather inclement weather. I'm a scenery girl, always. Loving it!!!! My 21st AGAIN on April 6th. Ha ha. At home but going to another beauty spot for lunch near Blackpool. Then having tea with the littlies. Can't wait. Life is so sweet, grab the best of it, while you can!!!
And how was your day. Lotsa love, Denise. Xxx

10th February 2015

Once again I must congratulate Katie Hopkin for making me mad enough to say something on my website.
I believe The Loose Women gave her a taste of her own medicine yesterday and she was stuck for words!! Can't take it Eh, Ms Hopkins?
So, what does she do? She goes on Gutter, sorry Twitter to slag someone who wasn't even there!! Someone Who is a widow, lost  her younger sister recently to cancer and has had a double mastectomy as well. She was beaten by Coleen, so picks again on Linda. How LOW can this woman stoop!!! I can only hope she never runs into Linda anywhere, she'll be one sorry cow!!! No, let me rephrase that, I HOPE she runs into Linda.
As to Katie Hopkins being BULLIED by Coleen Nolan and Janet Street Porter,
Katie Hopkins, bullied??

21st January 2015

So, The Panto is finished and its 2015!! Happy New Year to you all.
It was a great success. Broke all the records and I'm knackered!! I think I'm getting too old for this great British tradition.
As I said during  rehearsals,  How  times have changed.! Pantomimes cram 3 months into three weeks and consequently, there's very little time for socialising and its mostly hard work, especially when you are 62!!
For the first time, the hard work outweighed my love of panto.
The cast were SO lovely and SO good and I really don't want to turn into a moaning Minnie but....
I got the cough from hell and it only eased on the last day,
We had a lovely evening in the Marina theatre cafe before we opened, and our very musical cast all sang carols and Christmas songs around the piano, with the help of our talented and very helpful, obliging MD, Ben Holder and the theatre staff who treated us royally.
In fact, if you go online and find The local Lowestoft Paper, The Journal, you can hear us sing, 'Hark The Herald Angels Sing'
I missed spending Christmas with the family and the only person who made it to Lowestoft was good mate, Adam, who had to catch four different trains to get there. Above and beyond, Adam,  thank you so much.  It was very much appreciated.  It was just too far for family to travel with the little ones, as it was a seven hour trip, at least, from Blackpool, and consequently, we couldn't make the trip back there, either.
Thanks for all the beautiful flowers I received for opening night. From Adam, Carl and Lee. Mo and Linda, Aunty Teresa,  Anne and family and Steve Johnson and family. Felt so proud. My dressing cupboard, (very small, ha ha,) was like a florists shop!!
We did enjoy our Christmas, however.  My lovely fella, Tom, put all my decorations up and we did spend a lovely restful Christmas, which we both needed. He cooked all day and bought me some beautiful gifts, as did my family.
We watched, 'Miracle on 34th Street,' and two oldies, (although we watched the latest version with the late great Richard Attenborough, the former was an original oldie, too, with Maureen O'Hara and a very young Natalie Wood). The other films were 'An Affair To Remember', with Cary Grant and a Christmas favourite,  'Wonderful Life'  with James Stewart.
Some tears were shed, partly because of these great movies and partly, with thoughts of those we've lost.  (Tom's beloved sister, Jean, died on Xmas Eve in 2012), and my beloved Sis', Bernie. Both Jean and Bernie loved the holiday season and we both knew they would have wanted  us to enjoy it, so we did our best!!
On 27th December, my Niece And Goddaughter, Alexandra, gave birth to her second child, a baby girl named Neveah Gabrielle Palmer. She's beautiful and although poor Alex had a difficult and agonising time. Everyone, Dad Steve, Mum Alex, big Brother Vinny, half brother, Danny, and all grandparents - including my Sister, Anne ,who is ecstatic with her first granddaughter, are besotted with Neveah,  (Heaven backwards, in case you didn't realise),
I got back to Blackpool eventually on the 11th January and got my first cuddle with the precious bundle on the 12th.  HEAVEN.  Now I know why they called her NEVEAH!!!
Still in touch with the cast and most of us will meet up at Paul Holman's Panto Party on The 25th Jan. Look forward to seeing them all again.
Then Tom Jnr and his fiancée, Becky are here from LA for ten days. So excited to see my Stepson  and his fab lady, again, after our trip over there in November.
My plans for 2015???  Lose BLOODY WEIGHT!!!  Spend lots of time with loved ones and pray for an illness free year for myself and everyone I care for.
I would also love, along with many others, to see religious fanatics everywhere, realise  they are doing more harm than good to their faith, by their cowardly and maniacal actions. Also like good people everywhere, I want to see a cure, as quickly as possible,  for cancer,  Altzeimers  and Ebola  etc....But these are vain hopes, I know.

Back to reality. Have a listen to my Nephew, Jake's band, Rixton - Their new EP and Single is written by Ed  Sheerin   no less!!!  It's called 'Hotel Ceiling' and I think it's FAB!! Biased - but I do think they have a winner here!!!
I would like to thank those of you who sent Christmas cards and good  wishes for  Christmas, and wish you all a very, very Happy and Peaceful New Year!!
Loads of  Love,
Denise and Tom. Xxxx
16th December 2014
Hi, and a merry Christmas to us one and all!
Just opened in Pantomime in Siberia. ( just feels that way, miles from everywhere, except Norfolk and Suffolk). Lowestoft, Marina Theatre. Lovely friendly locals, though.)
Getting too long in the tooth for this. Never thought I'd say, "I miss the old days" but I do!! Panto is short and very hard work these days, used to be three months long, now, three months is crammed into three weeks!!
On the plus side, very talented cast, Philip Green, BGT finalist, impressionist, singer, dancer, comedian, too good, I hate him. Ha ha.  Jon Moses, What a voice!! Absolutely beautiful and dances too, same with Snow White, Georgia, and Suzanne, fairy. All singing all dancing cast. The dame Joe Standerline and Muddles, Rik Gaynor also very talented and ALL SO nice, if Tom and I have to be away at Christmas, I can't think of nicer people to spend the festive season with.
Got five bouquets of flowers? Loved it. From best friends Adam, Carl and Lee. Another friend, Steve Johnson, Mo and Linda, Aunty Teresa, Anne and all the Wilsons. One lucky lady!! Thanks to all of you.
Tom running around for me today, bless him, watched the show today. Said, for a first day, it was superb. Mind you, he is biased!!!
Look forward to seeing Adam on the 22nd. He's travelling from Blackpool. Has four train changes. Has to Go back on the 23rd!!  So, appreciate it!! Thanks, Adam.
Getting my hair colour in tomorrow, Adam who is also my hairstylist not happy, but, I can't wait any longer. Beginning to look like the Mother in Psycho. The corpse, I mean!!!!
Anyway, that's my news, and how was your day?
Lots of love and luck from Tom and I.
Thoughts of my Mum whose birthday it was yesterday. Born 15th December 1926, died December 30th 2007, How she loved Christmas, as did Bern and Dad.
Like to think she is with them  somewhere. Love  and miss them always.
Den & Tom xxx

October 17th 2014

Hi Everyone,

SO very proud of Big Sis, Anne, who's appearing in 'Whats All The Fuss About' at The Regent Theatre, Stoke On Trent, Wednesday to Saturday 18th October.
Standing Ovation on opening night ! Well deserved and proving that, for whatever reason  she was left out,  she deserved to play a major part in any Nolan reunion!!
She also looks amazing, still having the best shape in the family.
Also, can't speak for anyone else, but, does Simon Cowell make my blood boil!!
I only watch the live shows now, as its a chance to hear some good singers and I cannot stand the patronising way, this man,  (whose only talent is in making money,  no matter who he hurts to do so,)  talks to the auditionees ,  some who have just gotten through the preliminary rounds, 'cos   they  are good for us to laugh at!!   I find it most uncomfortable and feel that someday, it would not surprise me, if Mr. Cowell is quite seriously attacked, particularly in The States where guns are SO easy to obtain, by unhinged performers or their families, who, let's face it, like all our kith and kin,  think their  loved ones are Phenominal.
On Sunday I saw him tear four very young boys to shreds!! They were bad in the sing off, the girl only slightly better, but, having been there, they were incredibly nervous and tense, and I personally think, they could sing!! I get so nervous at times, I have to sit down when performing and I cannot breathe, let alone sing. And I have never been in that situation, thank God.
Did anyone hear the guy murdering Livin La vida Loco? Oh, I forgot, SIMON'S singer.
But, my point is, whether you liked them or not, they were already on their way out and in pieces,  why kick them when they are down, his comments about them were atrocious and SO uncalled for!! I SO hope they do a Jennifer Hudson, she  came fourth in The States  and was told by Cowell, she would never amount to anything.

She's now an Oscar winning superstar!!!!
Have a great weekend and spare a moment to remember Our BERN, who would have been 54 on the 17th October. R.I.P.
Love and miss her forever.

April 28th 2014

Went to see RIXTON  the other night. Remember that name!!

The very talented lead singer, said with TOTAL bias, although it's true, is my adored nephew, Jake Roche. They were brilliant. So surreal to see girls camped outside, screaming inside, and all I can think about is the happy times we spent when he was as cute as a button at four years old and MAD about showbusiness!  The band have already charted in The States and are appearing on the USA version of The Voice tonight, Monday, 28th April. 100 million viewers!!!  Alas Jake has bronchitis and tonsillitis.  Break a leg Jake, adrenalin will get you through!! The single comes out in summer here. 'Me and My Broken Heart' Check them out on Youtube!!
Would adore my godson If he was a dustman. But, SO Proud. They deserve it. They've worked SO hard.

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