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Denise has always loved swing music. She is a huge fan of dramatic, big ballads and tender love songs. When she made the decision to leave the Nolans and sign to various managers and agents they steered her towards a pop career, something she inwardly was against. She is rightfully proud of her singles and she was disappointed that their success was somewhat hampered by the competition that her own Sisters presented. They too were enjoying success with lightweight, contemporary adult pop. In the studio the producers used less reverb on her microphone and Denise felt awkward with the very gifted pop singing backing vocalists. They were suited to singing pop music, and Denise felt out of her comfort zone. Despite this, she did enjoy the experience. When it came to her live work however she wanted her own style. She spent a long time rehearsing songs that had been transposed in her keys. She was able to sing the songs she wanted to an appreciative audience. As time went on her career did add hits of the day, provided they suited her delivery. She even added a new flavour to the Prisoner Cell Block H theme 'He Used To Give Me Roses'. Her own musical heroes are Frank Sinatra, Doris Day, Jack Jones, Vic Damone, Ella Fitzerald, Judy Garland and Peggy Lee to name a few. More recent singers she likes are Barry Manilow, Michael Jackson, The Eagles, George Benson, Chicago, The Carpenters and The Osmonds. Denise's own act includes homage to all of these singers and she delivers them with great style, always with live musicians. She has never used backing tracks as she feels they have no soul and that an artist cannot connect with them in the same way. In the early 1990s she was asked to star in a major tour of the UK. 'The Magic Of Judy Garland'  The show covers Garland's finest show, that of her celebrated Carnegie Hall Concert in 1961. Her own musical director and composers worked to prepare the music for her own musicians. She was going to reproduce what no one had ever done. The exact score of that concert. Her partner selected musicians who shared a love for the music and were competant players and the Rainbow Orchestra was born. There have been changes in line up over the years, but the standard is still the same high calibre. Since then she has toured all over the UK and beyond with the two and a half hour tribute. Denise stresses that the show is a tribute to Garland's magic and not a copy of her. To quote Denise "I neither sing like her nor try to sing like her. If you are singing as someone else you are not singing with your own heart."  Similarities have been mantioned in the press to the two voices. What is more likely is that they have witnessed Denise and seen her artistry and performance.  Garland was an incredible performer, but she did not have the greatest voice. Something she was only too willing to admit. Denise feels that her voice has matured and she has adjusted the keys to prevent any shrill notes. The Magic of Judy Garland has been a work in progress for 30 years. As Denise is taking on less work these days she feels one of the few things that inspire her to work is the MAGIC OF JUDY GARLAND. She hopes to take the show out again in 2019. Recently, at one of the concerts a live recording was made from the sound desk. This has since been mastered and it is hoped that it will be released later this year.

We hope you get the chance to see the show - it really is exceptional and a magical night of theatre.

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